A  load smash woke me up. I boncce out of bed. Then I run down the 15  stairs  tripping over the first few. I turn on the hallway light. I look  around and  find my mums favourite vase on the floor shatted. I’m scared. I walk  back up to my dark cold room . I hear foot steps. My mind is flickering. The first thing Is do is snuggle in my quilt as tight as possible.I blink three times hopeing it’s a dream. But nothing happens, all of a sudden the sound is gone, my window is open but I am too scared too close it the wind is howling and blowing in too my room colder then ever before all of a sudden I hear load bang on my door.I fell scared and alone,I think my self if i just wait it might go away but no.The constant BANGING GET’S LOUDER AND LOUDER,but it start’s to stop.I run to my mum’s room she’s asleep but I still wake her up with out hesitation, mum said ” there’s nothing there” so i went back to my room I close my eye’s and try to go to sleep it take’s awhile but i get there it’s now morning I feel safe. i go to school and tell no one about last night not even my friend ‘s when i walk home my leg’s get tired and serenade are howling with pain.I pass out and i’m in the hospital everything is blurry my mum is right next to me and so is the doctor. she said “that i was illusions (mental)”my and i  go back home and try to sleep i hear a banging on the roof I look up and fine a bunch of bird’s nesting on the roof  THE END

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